Clinical Waste Collection and EXTREME Cleaning Services


Count on Envirom8 for extreme cleaning services in the Midlands and throughout the rest of the UK. From clinical waste collection to crime scene clean-ups, our services cover all aspects of extreme cleaning. With waste carrier and ADR licences, our experienced staff will ensure that all surrounding areas are clean and safe when the job is done.

Coronavirus cleaning and decontamination services

The Coronavirus is all over the news at the moment, with people all over the world becoming increasingly concerned about catching the virus and wanting to know what measures can be taken to reduce this risk.

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Usually arranged by the landlord, our end-of-tenancy cleaning services include disposing of all internal and external waste. Fully equipped to handle any hazardous waste, such as syringes, we ensure that your property is cleared for new tenants.

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Property and House Clearances

Catering to families who have suffered a bereavement and landlords whose tenants have abandoned a property, our experienced team will completely clear the house for you. Let us take the hassle out of clearance jobs.

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Capable of handling all degrees of hoarding, we will clear up anything, including faeces and other detritus. Whatever the extent of the hoarding, we will ensure that the property is left clean and safe.

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For holiday and caravan park businesses, we appreciate the need to ensure that their locations are ready to take on guests again and offer them as safe and prepared environment for their break as possible.

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Fire or Flood Damage

In the unfortunate event that you’re caught in a fire or a flood, turn to Envirom8 to make your property safe again. Our team will come to your property, making sure it’s safe and cleaning it from top to bottom.

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Hotel and guest house cleaning services

At Envirom8 we offer specialist hotel and guest house cleaning services for premises across the UK. We can handle all your deep cleaning requirements, ensuring your hotel can safely return to business following the 2020 lockdown.

We provide professional cleaning services across the hospitality sector, from small boutique to large hotel chains.

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Other Cleaning and pest control Services

In addition to the aforementioned services, we are proud to work closely with WM Housing Group to clean for tenants. What’s more, in the event that you require further assistance, we have a fully qualified gas engineer and plumber to assist you. We make sure all waste and materials are recycled wherever necessary.

Also, If you have rats, mice, bed bugs, or cockroaches, we will carry out complete pest control services to restore your property to a liveable condition.

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Clinical Waste Collection:

Trust our experienced staff to collect all clinical waste (including sharp objects) and dispose of them efficiently, responsibly and in accordance with all the correct regulations.

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Norovirus Cleaning and Prevention:

We are able to support both businesses and families in Norovirus prevention and to ensure if you’ve been exposed to the germ that your environment is thoroughly cleaned and eradicated of the virus.

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