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Envirom8 offer a complete decontamination and deep cleaning service to restore the property of hoarders

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About HOARDer Cleaning

Compulsive hoarding is something many people will be exposed to at some point in their lives. For some people there is an unwillingness to let go of possessions even if they are of no use, taking up valuable space in a property. For a minority of people, this compulsive hoarding can become a much more serious issue, impacting not only the individuals but also the property and the surrounding environment.

Hoarders collect and save excessive numbers of items that most would consider rubbish. Compulsive hoarders often store items in a chaotic and messy manner. This results in compacted, unmanageable and dangerous clutter with entire rooms completely full of various materials. There is often little space to move and this presents a significant risk of injury and even fire.

In some extreme cases, food and bodily waste are kept which also then makes the issue a potential bio hazard risk.

Compulsive hoarding can be a sensitive issue for relatives and loved ones. In circumstances where a loved one (who is a hoarder) passes away or has to be taken into care, it’s sometimes difficult to know who to contact for professional and sensitive help with cleaning and restoring the remaining property.

At Envirom8 we are also in the process of raising money to support vulnerable individuals living in properties that are in desperate need of clearing, cleaning and repair. Learn more about our JustGiving cause HERE.

How Envirom8 can help you

Envirom8 offer a professional and discreet clearing and cleaning service, covering the whole of the UK. We are capable of handling all degrees of hoarding and will clear up anything, including faeces and other detritus. Whatever the extent of the hoarding, we will ensure that the property is left clean and safe.

To see some 'before and after' examples of a our recent hoarder property cleaning and restoration projects please view our galleries below:

Bathroom clearing and cleaning

Bedroom clearing and clearing

Hall/landing clearing and cleaning

Kitchen clearing and cleaning

Living room/dining room clearing and cleaning

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