Fire or Flood Damage

In the unfortunate event that you’re caught in a fire or a flood, you can be confident that Envirom8 can help. Our team will come to your property and make sure it’s safe again, cleaning it from top to bottom.

Fire or flood damage

Fire Damage

The damage that fire can inflict on homes and businesses can be horrific and can leave your premises out of action for a long length of time. The initial damage caused by a fire can be bad enough without further issues such as smoke and soot damage, corrosion to surfaces and even underlying health problems relating to the incident.

It is highly recommended that fire damage is cleaned up as soon as possible. This is because not only does fire cause immediate financial loss, but it can also lead to further deterioration of buildings and possessions which can cause further financial implications months and even years later.

Our dedicated and professional team will attempt to salvage and recover as many of your possessions as possible from your premises. Any items beyond repair or deemed hazardous will be safely and ethically disposed of. Envirom8 ensure that every cleaning and disposal service is completed to the highest industry standards and in compliance with all the relevant safety regulations.

Flood Damage

Flooding has the potential to occur at anytime and can have a devastating effect on peoples lives. Floods are caused by occurrences such as the rising of ground water levels, rivers and seas overflowing, burst water drains/pipes and the run-off from sudden and excessive rainfall.

Flood water can cause differing degrees of damage to property depending on the severity of the flooding. Walls, floors, furniture, possessions and even the structural integrity of buildings themselves can be affected.

After a flood has subsided it is imperative that the home or business is assessed immediately. All items affected by the flooding should be removed and dried as quickly as possible. This helps to reduce and prevent any further damage and also helps limit the risk of moulds and spores, which in turn can lead to health issues arising for individuals exposed to this environment.

Flood water can also often contain hazardous materials such as sewage. This is due to the excess water entering the sewers that can cause them to rupture and spill out during the flood itself.

Envirom8 can provide an efficient and professional clean up service to support both commercial and residential property owners in the event of a flooding incident. We ensure your property and possessions are thoroughly cleaned, dried and disinfected to reduce the stress of the situation and risk of health issues. Envirom8 ensure that every cleaning and disposal service is completed to the highest industry standards and in compliance with the relevant safety regulations.

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