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While it's very important to clean and disinfect all visible surfaces within your environment, microscopic bacteria and viruses can live unnoticed all around us.

The Coronavirus especially this year has shown us how easily such things can spread, with thousands of people's health being directly impacted and the widespread closure of restaurants, businesses, schools hotels, offices etc.

Here at Envirom8 we can offer a full Fogging Deep Cleaning Service for all types of commercial and domestic premises. Fogging systems are used to treat small, large and hard to reach areas in a short period of time.

Combined with a deep cleaning of a premises, fogging kills up to 99.9% of harmful pathogens and bacteria.

How Fogging cleaning Works

After an initial deep clean, Envirom8 fills each room with a super fine mist. As this mist begins to cover and contact all the surfaces within the room, it targets and kills all bacteria, spores and viruses that may be hiding away. This mist also greatly reduces the chances of anything developing on these surfaces in the future.

Fogging is an extremely effective disinfection and sanitation process which greatly increases the cleaning coverage compared to manual deep clean.

This service can be performed quickly and efficiently by our Deep Cleaning Team with minimal disruption to your business or home.

Prices start from just £130.00 (including VAT).

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